GOLDfren Product Usage Recommendations

Recommendations when replacing or installing brake pads

  • The brake pads must be fitted by a qualified person in accordance with you vehicle manufacturer's recommendation.
  • Verify the correct selection of the brake pads in accordance with the bike type and manufacturing year of your bike.
  • Replace the brake pads as soon as the braking surface thickness has dropped below 2mm.
  • Keep the brake pads away from grease, oil and other chemical substances.
  • Replace brake discs if they are damaged. Damaged discs will reduce the braking effect and will cause faster than expected brake pad wearing.
  • Clean and degrease the brake discs prior to installation of the new brake pads.
  • Cleaning the brake discs using abrasive paper is recommended if they were previously used with another lining material.
  • Install the brake pads directing the braking surface towards the brake disc.
  • Having completed the installation, confirm the correct mounting and securing of the pads. Their fitting must be free and without excessive clamping in the brake mount.
  • Allow the newly installed brake pads to adapt to the disc, this is the (bed-in) process. Please allow some extra braking distance during the bed-in period. For more information see our FAQs page #6 - How to bed-in newly installed sintered brake pads

Recommendations for Calipers

  • GOLDfren calipers strictly require brake fluid DOT4 only.
  • The caliper must be serviced every 15 hours of racing usage or at least once per year if not using.
  • Service must be provided by a certified brake service expert following GOLDfren recommendations above