GOLDfren Brake Calipers

GOLDfren calipers are built 100% with CNC technology using the best duralumin quality commonly found in the aerospace industry. Some parts of the GOLDfren calipers are made with titanium, making our calipers lightweight and virtually indestructible.

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GOLDfren off-road rear caliper - single-piston brake caliper, the piston is 25mm in diameter. This caliper fits without an adapter on Kawasaki KX-F and Suzuki RM-Z dirt bikes (250, 450). On KTM SX-F, Husqvarna, Honda CR-F and Yamaha YZ-F dirt bikes, an adapter is necessary to mount the caliper. GOLDfren also manufactures all these adapters. This caliper fits the GOLDfren brake pads #187.

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GOLDfren off-road rear brake caliper

GOLDfren off-road front caliper - two-piston brake caliper, each piston is 27mm in diameter. This caliper fits all the Japanese dirt bikes with standard OEM brackets without the need for any adapter. On KTM, an additional adapter 4068 CA is required. This caliper carries the GOLDfren brake pads #041 which are equivalent to the stock brake pads that come standardly on some of the common dirt bikes Honda CR, Suzuki RM and Yamaha YZ.

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GOLDfren off-road front 2-piston brake caliper

GOLDfren Radial four-piston brake caliper MONOBLOCK - for sport bikes and supermoto suitable for brake discs with diameter between 250-330mm and 5-6mm thick. The piston diameters are 36mm and 32mm, the distance between screws that hold caliper on the fork is 108mm, and weights 1.765lbs or 800gr. The default color is gold and black but it can be anodized in just about any color. This caliper fits the GOLDfren brake pads #301. This caliper can also be used in supermoto with an adapter for just about any application. See dimensions of our radial monoblock caliper.

Supermoto Monoblock Caliper (Buy Online)

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GOLDfren Radial four-piston brake caliper MONOBLOCK

Note: Our calipers strictly require DOT4 brake fluid only.