The S33 (offroad) sintered compound is optimal for ambitious first-class pro level off-road riders who demand the ultimate edge on their racing with absolute great stopping power and exceptional brake pad longevity.

The S33 (offroad) series is currently used in motocross world championship races.

The S33 (offroad) series is designed for low abrasive interaction the rotor while providing high braking power, long life and self-cleaning capabilities necessary for off-road riding conditions. Additionally, the S33 rear pads feature a stainless-steel heat shield for thermal isolation.

The S33 (offroad) compound contains all-metal friction materials and finer metal friction admixtures evenly distributed in the base structure designed to achieve the greatest friction properties possible under heavy conditions.

sintered brake pad "S33"


  • High static friction coefficient across the whole scope of operating condition
  • Low aggressiveness in contact with the brake disc and sufficient resistance to abrasion
  • Self cleaning capability
  • Thermal stability up to 600C, and even up to 850C over a short term
  • Long service life
  • Environment-friendly
  • Manufactured by means of a progressive method of powder metallurgy
  • Stainless steel heat shield for thermal isolation on the rear pads
  • The metal-ceramic material can undergo friction in both wet and dry conditions
  • S33 has gradually gained a leading position amongst other sintered brake pads


  • Ideal choice for world off-road championships
  • Also used on high performance street bikes
  • On off-road bikes, ATV and street bikes
  • Excellent brake power and service life
  • This material is used in world championship races by motocross and enduro riders
  • It can be used on both front a rear brakes, it's mainly for the rear brake


  • Specific pressure: p< 5 Mpa
  • Sliding speed: v< 20 m/s
  • Max. stable temperature: 600C
  • Short-term temperature: 850C
  • Counter-surfaces: steel disks


  • All the GOLDfren brake pads are made with sintered metal-ceramic and ceramic-carbon friction materials
  • Sintered brake pads offer no brake fade when operating at high temperatures and in wet conditions
  • Sintered brake pads provide superior stopping power and longer life compared to other brake pad types such as: carbon organic, organic, or semi-metallic organic
  • Sintered brake pads are made by fusing together metallic particles under high temperatures and pressure using a pressed powdered-metal technology
  • GOLDfren is a pioneer insintering, using advanced and progressive powder metallurgy methods
  • Designed for both wet and dry applications
  • Sintered brake pads deliver exceptional braking performance and durability under the most demanding conditions
  • All the materials used are lead and asbestos free
  • GOLDfren® is the brand for high-end quality aftermarket performance disc brakes
  • Compound series  available are: AD, S3, K1, K5, K5-LX, S33, GP5, GP6, PG7
  • Application of each compound is based on our brake pad application chart or the rider's preference and riding style
  • The sintered friction material is soldered to the copper lined steel backing plate, hence, separation (which can happen with organic pads) is virtually impossible


  • Replacement of brake pads should be done in dry clean conditions and preferably by a professionally qualified person. If the friction material comes in contact with oil or brake fluid and the liquid soaks into the pores of the friction material, a catastrophic decrease in friction coefficient (braking performance) could occur
  • Please beware that sintered brake pads require a bed-in period after installation. Allow some extra braking distance during the bed-in period. For more information on bedding your brake pads see our FAQs page #6
  • Braking performance is significantly influenced by the quality of the braking surface of the Disc rotor; also by the age and quality of the brake fluid, and by the correct choice of complementary type of brake pad
  • To achieve the perfect brake effect, we recommend using GOLDfren brake pads in conjunction with GOLDfren rotors and brake lines because of its excellent quality common friction properties
  • Brake with the products developed by GOLDfren®


Braking effects are affected by a range of factors:
The condition and age of the brake fluid; the condition of the brake caliper; the condition and quality of the brake lines; the condition of the brake disc....